May 12, 2017 - Master Box 1613 located at 412 Bay Boulevard was received, sending Engines 1, 11 and 2, Ladder 1 Tower Ladder 2, Rescue 1, Battalion 1 and Deputy 2 to the location at 12:12 pm.  Battalion1 arrived at 12:14 pm and encountered many people reporting smoke inside the Bakery.  At the same time, occupants above the bakery reported being trapped by smoke. and were hanging out a window.  Deputy 2 arrived shortly and assumed command.  Battalion 1 conducted a quick 360 and located a large rubbish fire against the building behind the Pool Hall.  Engine 1 arrived and stretched an 1-3/4: line to the rear of the building.  Ladder 1 conducted a primary search and attempted to reach the occupants on the #2 floor.  Once Engine 1 knocked down the fire, Ladder 1's crew, along with Rescue 1 made entry to the Dentist Office above the bakery and assisted the occupants from the structure.  Since the steps were compromised, a ground ladder was used to remove the occupants.  Engine 11 assisted with establishing a water supply and stretched a line into the Pool Hall.  Tower Ladder 2 assisted with forcible entry through the front door of the Pool Hall.  Engine 2 was utilized as the F.A.S.T.  Deputy 2 requested an additional engine and truck company to the scene for manpower.  The fire destroyed two garbage cans, severely damaged the wooden stairway to the 2nd and 3rd floors to an adjacent building and created smoke damage to the Pool Hall, Bakery, Dental Office and the apartment above, as well as the Detective's office above the Pool Hall.  The fire is suspicious in nature and is under investigation.












March 10, 2012 - The worst fire with the loss of life in the history of the Lego Twp occurred this morning at 02:47.  Numerous calls to the Lego Twp Fire Alarm Office were received reporting a house fire with people trapped.  Box 3745 was transmitted, dispatching Engines 8, 7 and 3, Ladder 4, Tower Ladder 5, Rescue 3, Battalion 3 and Deputy 1.  Battalion 3 arrived on scene in a few minutes and reported heavy fire showing from the 1st floor on the alpha and bravo sides with a victim on the roof.  A neighbor brought a ladder to try to reach the victim, but was too short to reach him.  Ladder 4 arrived and immediately put up the stick to rescue the victim.  Engine 8  pulled an attack line and began fire suppression on the A/B corner.  The Captain of Engine 8 located a victim who apparently jumped to safety, in some high grass.  The victim was DOA with a broken neck and was impaled by a thick tree branch.   A victim emerged from the first floor on fire and fell at the feet of Battalion 3.  Just as she fell at the Chief's feet, Engine 7 arrived with a line and  quickly extinguished the victim before splitting the crew to attack the fire and attend to the victim.  While this was going on, the victim rescued from the roof advised of more people in the structure.  By this time, fire began to engulf the second floor.  With the heavy fire conditions still present on the first floor, a Second Alarm was transmitted and master stream operation was put into place to knock down the bulk of the fire.  An offensive attack began soon after the utilities were secured, along with a primary search.  The primary search resulted in finding a victim on the first floor kitchen burned beyond recognition and an elderly person with two young children on the 2nd floor near a window, burned over 50% of their bodies.  The fire was placed under control at 04:49 hours.  The cause was determined to be accidental in nature. 










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