Station 2:  Mortimer Avenue Firehouse

Station 2 is located at 400 Mortimer Avenue in the Second Battalion.  Station 2 is the Second Battalion Headquarters.  Responding out of Station 2 is Engine 2, Tower Ladder 2 and Rescue 2, as well as the Chief of the Second Battalion.  Station 2 is the oldest firehouse serving the LTFD.


Engine 2

Engine 2 is a 2009 Pierce Arrow XT pumper with a 2,000 GPM Waterous pump, a 500 gallon booster tank and a 40 gallon foam tank.  Engine Co. 2 is based on Rutherford Engine 2 in Rutherford, New Jersey, and includes the Company's nickname the "Tophatters"


Tower Ladder 2

Tower Ladder 2 is a 2009 Pierce Arrow XT, 100 foot rear mounted ladder tower.  Tower Ladder 2 has with a 1,750 GPM Waterous pump and a 300 gallon booster tank.  "Truck...Truck...Deuce" is the catch phrase of Tower Ladder 2.


Rescue 2

Rescue 2 is a 2010 Pierce Saber non-walk-in rescue.  Rescue 2's primary responsibility is search and rescue at structure fires, as well as extrications and field communications at large scale incidents.  When Rescue 1 is second due at a fire, their responsibility is the Firefighter Assist and Search Team (F.A.S.T.). 


Battalion 2

Battalion Chiefs in the Second Battalion respond to alarms in this 2010 SUV.