INCIDENTS - 2009 - 2010

July 9, 2010 - At 11:54 hours, Box 1496 located at Campbell Street & St. John's Avenue, was pulled dispatching Engines 6 & 5, Tower Ladder 3, Rescue 1 and Battalion 1.  Battalion 1 arrived minutes later and found a nearby resident at the box.  The resident pointed out a motor vehicle accident, with a car into a hydrant and a home fuel oil truck into a house.  Battalion 1 immediately called for a full 1st alarm assignment and special called a second rescue for two occupants trapped, one in each vehicle and Haz-Mat due to a fuel leak from the saddle tanks and to check the mail 2,000 gallon oil tank.  Engine 4, Tower Ladder 6, and Rescue 2 was dispatched along with Haz-Mat.  Smoke had been seen emanating from the tanker, but was later determined to be fluids leaking on the hot engine.  Engine 6 arrived first due, laid a supply line and a foam blanket under the tanker.









July 5, 2010 - A citizen ran to the Alpine Span Firehouse and reported a house on fire on Clark Road, just off of Alpine Span.  Engine 4 called it in and responded with Tower Ladder 6.  Both companies arrived as Box 245 was transmitted, bringing in Engines 9, 10 and 2, Tower Ladders 6 and 2, Rescue 2, Battalion 2 and Deputy 3.  Engine 4 reported a house in the rear of 117 Clark Road, with fire showing on the #2 floor on the A-D Corner.  Engine 4 led in with a setback line and an 1 3/4" off the gated Y and made quick work on the fire, which was found to be on the 1st floor as well.  Fire was knocked down just after the second engine arrived and established a water supply.  The cause of the fire is under investigation.






June 26, 2010 - Sanitation workers picking up trash along Bergen Avenue came upon a house with smoke coming from the front door.  While the driver called 9-1-1 from his cell phone, the other ran to a nearby fire alarm box.  At 09:25 Box 354 was pulled, dispatching Engines 11, 5 and Ladder 3, who were standing by in Station 9 while all 3rd battalion apparatus were training at the fire academy.  At the same time, Brick Twp & St. Lego Fire Departments were called for reported smoke in the area.   Engine 11 arrived on scene and was directed to the fire.  Engine 11 arrived to 389 Bergen Avenue, a 2 1/2 story wood frame, with heavy smoke showing on both floors and fire visible on the A-side on the first floor.  (The house is the last house in Lego Twp. as the border line for St. Lego is next door, while the other side of Bergen Avenue is Brick Twp.  Hence, the response from both municipalities). Arriving soon after were Brick Twp's, Squad 1, Engines 8, 7 and 4, Ladder 3, Tower Ladder 4, Rescue 2 and MSU, along with St. Lego Engines 14 and 3 and Ladder 8.  2 lines were stretched and knocked down the fire.  In lieu of filling out the assignment, Command opted to use St. Lego & Brick Twp. Fire Departments.  Fire was quickly knocked down.  No injuries were reported.  The homeowners were not home at the time of the fire. The cause of the fire is under investigation.



Above left Engine 11 arrives first in.  Above right, Ladder 1 and Engine 5 arrive on scene.


As Lego Twp Fire apparatus arrives, so does Brick Twp's Squad 1 (above left) and St. Lego Engine 14 and Ladder 8.  Both towns were dispatched to a reported smoke in the area, while Lego Twp was dispatched to Box 354. 


Above, Brick Twp Engine 8 arrives on Bergen and pulls onto Stegman.  Above right, Brick Twp. Engine 7 arrives and pulls into Lego Hills Road to back down Bergen Ave to establish a secondary water supply if needed..


Above, Brick Twp. Ladder 3 arrives on scene, as Brick Twp. Rescue 2 pulls down Lego Hills Avenue off of Bergen Avenue.


Brick Twp Engine 4 arrives and stands by at Bergen & Lego Hills Avenue.


Above left, Brick Twp's Mask Service Unit arrives.  Above right, a crew from Brick Twp makes entry to begin a primary search.


Above right, a crew from St. Lego assists with ventilating the first floor as interior crews start hitting the fire.


Above left, Lego Twp Ladder 1 has the stick up to the roof.  Above right, Brick Twp Squad 1 and St. Lego Ladder 8 stand ready.


Above right, St. Lego Engine 8 arrives on scene, staging behind Engine 14 and Ladder 8.


Above left, Deputy Chief Haynes and Battalion Chief Donahue monitor interior crews' progress.  Above right, Brick Twp. Squad 1 takes up from the fire scene.


February 22, 2009 - Numerous 9-1-1 calls flooded the Lego Twp Fire Department Headquarters reporting a building fire at the McDonalds Restaurant on Bay Boulevard at 03:26 hours.  While enroute, First Battalion Chief Nichols reported heavy smoke and fire from a distance.  Upon arrival, Battalion Chief Nichols had heavy fire already vented through the roof of a 1 story ordinary commercial building.  First due Engine 11 led with a 2 1/2" to the side entrance and setup a feed to Tower Ladder 1.  A master stream was immediately started.  Engine 1 tagged a hydrant, pulled 2 lines and fed Ladder 3, who was setup on the D-side of the building.  An additional Engine and truck company were called in as well as EMS and the gas company to secure the gas-fed fire.  Due to the heavy fire conditions, all searches were delayed.  The fire was placed under at 04:45 hours.  The cause of the fire is under investigation.







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