RECENT INCIDENTS - 2006 to 2008

April 10, 2008 - At 22:44 hours, a fire was reported at 96 East Overlook Terrace.  Box 136 was transmitted, dispatching Engines 2, 9, 10 Tower Ladders 2 and 6, Rescue 2, Battalion 2 and Deputy 3.  While enroute, a second call came in from a resident at 94 East Overlook Terrace reposting that her house was on fire and that she was trapped inside.  Moments later, Engine 2 arrived to find a 2.5 sty vacant wood frame fully involved, with extension to a 1 1/2 story frame with severe exposure problems.  A second alarm was transmitted bringing in Engines 4, 1 and 11, Tower Ladder 1, Rescue 1 and Batt. 1.  Engine 2 led off with 2 1 3/4" lines and a deluge gun to knock down the fire in the main fire building.  Engine 10 arrived just after Engine 2 and stretched a lime to the first exposure building where the entrapment was reported.  Rescue 2, along with protection from Engine 9, located the unresponsive victim, removed her and revived her just as EMS arrived.  By this time, fire extended to two more buildings, before being brought under control.  In all, 4 alarms were transmitted and mutual aid covered the Township.  The cause of the fire is suspicious in nature.












April 6, 2008 - While wrapping up at a drill at Station 3, a resident who lives around the corner from the firehouse walked up and reported her cat was stuck in a tree all morning and looked as if it couldn't come back down.  Under the direction of Captain Danny Delaney,  Ladder Co. 5 responded and assisted in successfully removing the cat out of the tree.


Below left, Captain Delaney boarding Ladder 3.   Below right, Captain Delaney with the pet owner, sizing up the situation.


Below right, Firefighter Vito Micelli climbs the stick and rescues the cat from the top of the tree.


Below, left, Firefighter Micelli hands the cat to Firefighter Omar Fernandez.  Below right, members of Engine 3 and Engine 7 playfully celebrate the rescue of the kitty.


Below, Firefighter Diaz reunites "Fluffy" with her owner.  Below right, Rosie Locks thanks Captain Delaney and his crew.  Captain Delaney was heard saying "Its what we do."



November 17, 2007 - The late evening sky turned into bright daylight when the Trans-Continental Lego natural gas pipeline exploded on the grounds of the Birch Bark Condominium Complex, sending flames over 400 feet in the air and burned two large townhouses.  At 23:50 hours, numerous 9-1-1 calls came into Lego Twp Fire Dispatch, reporting a large fire.  Many different locations were given, but it wasn't until Master Box 253 was transmitted that the Lego Twp Fire Department was able to correctly locate the fire.  A second alarm was transmitted immediately.  Soon, a call was received for a fire on the Thunder Road, on the westside of the blast.  All township companies were called with a mutual aid to the two fires.  Four houses were damaged, 2 severely on Thunder Road due to the radiant heat and numerous flaming chards.  In all, there we no fatalities or serious injuries.  A total of 2 townhouses were completely destroyed as well as numerous automobiles at the Birch Bark Condo Complex and four houses on Thunder Road.  In addition Route 35 was shut down and had some heat damage to the roadway.  Below are some pictures of the incident.


Above left, a house on Thunder Road is threatened by radiant heat.  Above right, Chief Dunphy gives orders to incoming companies, as Engine 3 drops a supply line.


Below left, Tower Ladder 5 sets up and prepares a master stream to protect other buildings in the condominium complex.  Below right, the fire roars in the background behind the diaphone, as viewed from Station 6.


Below left, fire extends to the wooded area along Route 35.  Below right, Engine 12 approaches from Route 35.


Below, heavy fire light up the night sky and continues to rave houses on Thunder Road.

June 29, 2007 - A car fire was to be blamed for a fire that damages a home at 573 Pine Acre Drive.  A passer by pulled Box 242, located at Sandlewood & Pine Acre Drives, summoning Engine 12 and 3, Tower Ladder 5, Rescue 3 and Battalion 3, just before midnight.  Battalion Chief O'Grady arrived at the box and was given a location of the fire.  Chief O'Grady arrived to find heavy smoke and fire showing from a garage attached to a two and a half story wood frame occupied as a one family dwelling.  Battalion Chief O'Grady requested a full 1st alarm assignment, bringing in Engine 7, Ladder 4 and Deputy 2.  Firefighters worked feverishly to knock down the fire before it spread into the dwelling areas, but the fire got a good head start and ran in the walls on the first and second floors.  Firefighters did keep the fire from extending into the cockloft.  Before the fire was placed under control, an additional engine and ladder company was requested to the scene.  The fire was placed under control by 00:45 hours.  No one was home at the time of the fire.  The homeowner did arrive home just as firefighters were packing up.  The homeowner reported that he just dropped off his car at his house around 11:00pm and jumped into his girlfriend's car, to go catch a movie.


Below left, a civilian stops Chief O'Leary and advises him of a house fire.  Below Right, Battalion Chief O'Leary, gives a size-up.


Below left, Firefighter James Matheson stretches a line.  Below right, Engine 12's crew prepares to force the garage and begin fire attack.




Above left, a crew from Tower Ladder Co. 5 opens the roof, while members of Engine Co. 7 await orders in staging.


A firefighter from Rescue 3 advises the chief of overhaul conditions from the second floor, while a member of Engine 12 is evaluated by EMS in the rehab area.



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