The Fleet Maintenance Division of the Lego Township Fire officially opened on Tuesday, June 16, 2015 and is located at 53 Sand Road at the corner of West Bay Boulevard at the former Sandbar Trucking Company and Hot Ride Motorcycle Shop.  Both properties were left abandoned since before Lego Twp was reincorporated.  The motorcycle shop was torn down and the trucking facility rehabilitated.  The interior was completely gutted.  New electrical, plumbing, floors and offices were built.  An additional bay was added to the rear of the building to service the aerials.  This bay runs 60% the length of the building and is accessed from West Bay Boulevard. 


The Lego Twp Fire Department Fleet Maintenance division is an integral part of the Lego Twp Fire Department.  Some of the apparatus are new and under warranty.  All warranty work is done by Pierce.  Routine maintenance, non-warranty work and other repairs are done by the mechanics.  With the expiration of the warranty on most of the trucks, the mechanic's responsibilities have increased, as well as the staffing in the maintenance department.  The responsibilities of the Fleet Maintenance has expanded beyond the maintenance of the fire apparatus as well.  Now included in Fleet Maintenance are equipment repairs and the radio system of the LTFD.  The Fleet Maintenance Department has grown from three mechanics to a manager, three mechanics and two radio technicians.  The mechanics and technicians are on duty from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, and is on call after-hours. 

As the LTFD grew in size, the Fleet Maintenance Division grew as well.  In the past, all repairs were done in the firehouse that the apparatus was housed in.  Should the truck need to go on a lift, the truck was brought to the Department of Public Works and worked on there.   All of the mechanics vehicles were locked up and kept at the Fire Academy.  But finally, after years of planning and developing, the Fleet Maintenance Division now has its own building to operate and house their fleet. 

Occupying the space with Fleet Maintenance is the Fire Alarm Signal Division.  The Fire Alarm Signal Division has its own office and closet space to store fire alarm boxes, parts, wiring and other peripherals used to maintain the Municipal fire alarm system.

Apparatus occupying the space include is the 40-ton wrecker Fleet Maintenance Service SUV, Fleet Maintenance Radio Repair SUV and the Fire Alarm Signal Truck.  Also, one spare pumper will be housed here as well as a spare aerial, should a new aerial be purchased.

In addition, an access road was built which runs through the old motorcycle shop property and turns left behind the Fleet Maintenance Building to West Bay Boulevard.  This access road leads to the parking lot for the employees and a new fueling station for the apparatus.  There are two pumps, one pump for Diesel and the other for Gasoline.  Currently, Octan has the contract to be the fuel supplier, thus the pumps are sporting the Octan colors.



FM 1

Fleet Mechanics will use this vehicle to do in-house or field repairs.  FM 1 is a 2013 Ford F-250 Pick-Up Truck.

Pictured with FM 1 is Clyde Bowers, one of the newly hired mechanics.


FM 2

FM 2 is a 2013 Ford F-250 Pickup with cab.  This unit is used by the radio mechanics, for servicing units in the field.


FM 3

FM 3 is a 2013 Kenworth Heavy Duty 40-ton wrecker.

 Pictured with FM 3 is long-time employee and manager of the Fleet Maintenance Division of the LTFD, Joe "Tune-Up" Meyers.  Joe has grown a mustache since his picture was last taken, as seen below.

The above van has been retired and is no longer part of the LTFD fleet.  Below, Joe replaces burned out halogen bulbs in the old Engine 6's front lightbar.


Engine 21

Engine 21 is the former Engine 4, recently removed from active service and put into reserve status.  Engine 21 is a 2004 Pierce Lance 8-man pumper with a 1,750 GPM pump, a 500 gallon booster tank and a 40 gallon foam tank.  Engine 21 is currently at the Fleet Maintenance Facility and will be relabeled Engine 21.


Truck 11

Truck 11 is a 2002 Pierce Dash 100ft aerial.  Truck 11 was purchased from a used apparatus dealer and is the reserve ladder truck for the Township.