Station 1:  Fire Headquarters

Fire Headquarters is located at 30 Bay Boulevard, the site of the former firehouse, in the first battalion.  Fire Headquarters is the home to all the administrative offices of the Lego Twp Fire Department, the Township's Fire 9-1-1 dispatch center, as well as Lego Twp Fire Department Museum.  Responding out of Fire Headquarters are Engines 1 and 11, Ladder 1, Rescue 1 and the Deputy.  


Engine 1

Engine 1 is a 2014 Pierce Arrow XT 6 man pumper.  The engine comes with a 1,750 GPM Waterous pump, a 500 gallon vertical booster tank, a 40 gallon foam cell, with capabilities to flow foam out of 3 preconnected handlines.


Engine 11

Engine 11 is a 2008 Pierce Quantum 6-man pumper.  The engine comes with a 1,750 GPM Waterous pump, a 750 gallon booster tank, a 50 gallon foam cell.  This engine responds first due to car fires on the major highways within the First Battalion.


Truck 1

Truck 1 is a 2015 Pierce Velocity 100 foot rear mounted aerial ladder.  Truck 1 seats 6 firefighters, has a Federal Q siren on the front bumper, along with a PA300 electric siren, 3M reflective white scotchlite striping and LED lighting. 


Rescue 1

Rescue 1 is a 2010 Pierce Saber 6-man rescue.  Rescue 1's primary responsibility is search and rescue at structure fires, as well as extrications. When Rescue 1 is the second due rescue at a fire, their responsibility is the Firefighter Assist and Search Team (F.A.S.T.). 



Chief Engineer O'Mallory of the Lego Twp Fire Department drives this 2014 Chevrolet Caprice.


Deputy 1

Deputy Chiefs on duty respond to alarms in this 2010 SUV.