Lego® Twp Fire Dept. News 2008 - TODAY

May 1, 2017 - The Lego Twp Fire Department will be having their 15 year anniversary parade on July 1, 2017.  Details to follow.

June 16, 2015 - It is moving day for the Fleet Maintenance Division and the Fire Alarm Signal Division as construction has been completed at the new Fleet Maintenance Facility.  Construction is complete and the LTFD has been issued a certificate of occupancy. 

March 29, 2015  - The Lego® Twp Fire Department has purchased the former Sandbar Trucking Building and Hot Ride Motorcycle Shop on Sand Road with the intent to build the long overdue fleet maintenance facility.  Plans call for the demolition of the motorcycle shop and rehab of the truck building.  An additional bay is planned to work on the aerials as the bays are too short in its current condition.  In addition to the fleet maintenance division, the fire alarm signal will also be based here.  One spare pumper will be housed here along with a spare aerial should a new aerial be delivered.  Estimated construction time will be two months.

July 3, 2014 - The Lego® Twp Fire Department has entered its 13th year of service to the minifigs of Lego Twp.  Since 13 is considered an unlucky number to some, the Lego® Twp Fire Department has decided to err on the side of caution and reinforce firefighter safety.  Classes on firefighter safety and survival has been redesigned, along with training sessions on FAST operations.  All members will be trained on Emergency Vehicle Operations and will be required to maintain a Commercial Drivers License with Air Brake endorsement.  Classes will be taught through the Fire Academy and certification for the C.D.L. will be through the Department of Motor Vehicles. 

In other news, the color scheme project has been completed for the front line apparatus.  Chiefs vehicles and department fleet maintenance vehicles will be changed over next.  Most of the reserve apparatus may not be changed to the new scheme, to preserve the history from which the apparatus came.  The two 1993 Dash units may be getting the new paint scheme.  That has not been decided as of yet.

April 26, 2014 - The Lego® Twp Fire Department has elected to change its color scheme.  The new color scheme will no longer have colors differentiating the battalions.  Rather, the entire department will now be in a uniform coloring scheme.  The decision to have a uniform color scheme has been in the works for about a year.  Many different color patterns and schemes were reviewed, ultimately choosing one of the original color schemes of the LTFD.  The first 6-wide pumper for Engine 5 was delivered in this color scheme and has always been a favorite.  Current apparatus will slowly make its way to the paint shop to get the new paint scheme and new apparatus will arrive in the new scheme.  Since Engine 5 was the originator of the color scheme, it is only fitting that Engine 5 will get the new scheme first.  Engine 5 will go out for painting Monday and should return by the following Monday sporting its new, original colors.  Below is a picture from 2002-2003 when Engine 5 was delivered.  The color scheme will follow that pattern.

June 24, 2013 - The Lego® Twp recently hired 15 firefighters to replace vacancies left behind by retirements, promotions, disability leave and those who left the job.  The latest round of recruits have been in training for nearly a month and a half and is expected to graduate in 3 weeks.  To help promote the firefighting career, both in the paid and volunteer ranks, the Lego® Twp Fire Department has followed the current trainees throughout their time in the academy.    Please click here to follow the current group of Firefighter 1 candidates.

June 14, 2013 - An unusual visitor came to Lego® Twp. today, as a sales rep from another fire apparatus manufacturer came by showcasing their product in Lego Twp colors.  Representatives from Spartan came to Station 9 to meet with representatives of the LTFD.  The group then proceeded with Engine 12 and one of the spare pumpers to the fire academy to test the pumping capabilities.  Pictures of the meeting are below.  Further detailed pictures can be found at the LTFD MOCPages account.



June 13, 2013 - Tower Ladder 5 has returned from being refurbished.  The refurbished aerial has the same rear body of the new Ladder 4, but has a bucket.  The aerial itself was also replaced.  In addition, the first Dash CF now sees service in Lego® Township as the Haz-Mat rescue has also returned from being refurbished.  The rescue body of the Haz-Mat truck was refurbished in 2011.  It was now time to replace the cab.  The LTFD had selected the Dash CF cab for the improved visibility.

May 23, 2013 - The Lego® Twp Fire Department has accepted delivery of a 2013 Pierce Arrow XT 100 ft aerial truck, assigned to Ladder Co. 4.  The new truck replaces a 2009 Pierce Quantum 100 ft aerial, which outlived its useful life.

May 14, 2013 - The final adjustments have been made to the new Ladder 4 and is currently on the way to the local dealer, where the tool mounting and fluids change will take place.  The new truck is expected to be delivered this coming Friday.  The members of Ladder 4 will train on the truck each shift before being placed in service.  Once in service, Tower Ladder 5 is expected to go out to Pierce for refurbishment. 

May 9, 2013 - Members of the Lego® Twp Fire Department Apparatus Committee arrived at the Pierce plant one day ahead of schedule for final inspection of the new Ladder 4.  The new aerial is completely built and passed all the UL testing.  The apparatus committee and Pierce looked over the entire truck and came up with some minor changes.  These changes will be worked on today.  Once completed, the truck will head out to Lego® Fire and Safety, for final prep work before being delivered next week.  This concludes this segment of "New Apparatus Construction."  While the process here took about 3 months, it does take longer in the real world.  However, the process is basically the apparatus committee is formed, meetings with apparatus sales reps are held to go over what is desired in a particular apparatus.  Drawings are made.  Bids are sent out and remain open for a period of time.  Once the period of time ends, the sealed bids are opened and reviewed.  The bids are voted on and approved by  the agency, whether its the Mayor and Council, Fire Company, Board of Fire Commissioners or other agency in charge of apparatus purchasing.  Once the bid is awarded, then the process of the truck build begins.  Paperwork will go to the fire apparatus manufacturer, where a line number or job number is created and the construction begins.  Depending on the type of apparatus (pumper, rescue, aerial, tanker, etc) and options on the truck, construction can be a few months to  over 6 months.  Some fire apparatus manufacturers will give a status report with pictures every so often, as I have illustrated below.  The process illustrated below closely follows that which Pierce Manufacturing® does in the real world, and since I try to build and create incidents to closely reflect reality as possible with Lego® bricks, I decided to show you how the process works, since it is not something that is not often seen by anyone outside of the fire service.

May 4, 2013 - Progress continues with the new Ladder 4.  The aerial has been installed.  Additional work on the body has been completed, but there still remains some body work.  Testing of the aerial will begin once the remainder of the body work is finished next week, followed by a visit to the art department.  A final inspection date is set for May 10.  No pictures have been sent.  Pictures of the final inspection will be posted AFTER the delivery of the new truck later this month.

April 28, 2013 - There has been a change in the process.  The mid-build inspection was accomplished by teleconferencing with the apparatus committee and the engineering department.  This saved some money and time, as travel and related expenses were saved.  The latest progress report shows that the body and cab have been mounted to the frame and now the construction will be speeding up.  The aerial will be mounted to the body early this week, and will be tested.  Once the construction and testing is complete, the truck will visit the art department before being prepared for the final inspection on the blue floor.  On the blue floor, a final inspection will be done as this will be the last chance to make any changes.  Once the changes, if any, are made, then the truck will be delivered to the local Pierce dealer, where it will get washed and get all the fluids changed.  Also, if there is anything that needs to be done, such as tool mounting, it will be done at the local dealer before making its trip to Lego® Twp.  Below left, an overhead crane lowers the cab to the frame.  Below right, workers install additional warning lights and other electrical items.  Also, tires are installed.


Below, passenger side views of the aerial.


April 24, 2013 - Construction of the new Ladder 4 is making substantial progress at the factory.  The cab has visited the paint shop ahead of schedule and has its two toned black over red paint job.  The cab has returned to the production floor to start having some equipment installed as well as installation of the windows.  Some wiring will be run and lighting installed.  The body is being fabricated and is expected to visit the paint shop this week.  After the paint shop, the body and cab will be attached to the frame.  All wiring will be run as well as all electrical components.  The ladder has been fabricated ahead of schedule and is ready to be attached to the body.  The anticipated due date for the truck is now moved up to mid-May, as tremendous progress has been made.  Below are the latest pictures form Pierce.


Above, the red paint has been applied to the cab and is curing   Some body fill needs to be applied before the black paint gets applied.  Below, the body fill was added, as well as the doors and then painted red.  Black paint has also been applied.  The cab cured in an oven for a few hours and was ready to return to the production floor.


On the production floor, crews begin to add the windshield, windows, rough in some electrical wiring add warning lights, scene lighting, sirens, headlights and turn signals.  Other fire departments apparatus have also reached this stage and are seen to the right of Ladder 4's cab.


The cab is ready to be hoisted and attached to the frame.  Meanwhile the body is in the paint shop.  Pictures were not available at this time since the paint was being applied.



April 16, 2013 - The new Ladder 4 is in production and the first pictures from the Pierce factory are in.  The build is moving along smoothly and the anticipated delivery date of June 30, 2013 is still foreseeable.  Currently, the frame is built.  The motor will be installed this week.  Also, the cab has been fabricated, along with some compartment doors.  Next week, the cab will be installed onto the frame, and the body work will begin.  Once the body work is completed, the truck will visit the paint shop and get its colors.  Once the paint department is done, the electrical wiring will be run, along with all the lighting.  The following week, the aerial will be attached to the truck. The truck will then go through a series of testing. It will be at this point a final inspection before delivery will be done with the apparatus committee of the Lego® Twp Fire Dept.  This will be the last point at which any changes may be made.  After the inspection, any changes on the punch list will be made.  The truck will go through another series of testing and certifications.  Once all tests are completed and satisfactory, the truck will then head to the regional Pierce dealer for any tool mounting, fluids change and cleaning before being delivered.  Below are some pictures of the work in progress at the Pierce plant.

Above, workers finish installing new tires on the frame and ensuring a tight fit.  Below, the completed Arrow XT cab waits to be picked up and attached to the frame.  


Below, some completed compartment doors wait to go to the paint shop


February 3. 2013 - Have you ever wondered what is involved when a fire department purchases a new fire truck?  With the assistance of the Lego® Twp Fire Department, we will see the process from beginning to end, from the meetings with the dealer to delivery of the new truck.  Without further adieu, let us begin!  The Lego® Twp Fire Department is looking to replace their 2009 Pierce Quantum 100 foot aerial truck.  While the aerial has been working properly and the department is very satisfied with it, the truck no longer has sufficient space for all the equipment.  Due to expansion in the 3rd battalion, more equipment is needed that previously has not been carried on the ladder companies.  It was decided that a new truck would be purchased.  Specifications were drawn up and posted for bidding.  Only Pierce came back with a bid.  Upon the closing of the 30-day bid period, Pierce was awarded the contract.

The Chief of the Lego® Twp Fire Department, Deputy in charge of apparatus, Captains of Ladder 4 and the Manager of the Fleet Services met with representatives from Pierce to go over the bid specifications and blue prints.

Below, members of the Lego® Twp Fire Department, including the Chief of the Department, meet with Bill Block, a long-time sales representative from Pierce.


Chief O' Mallory and Bill go over Ladder 4 and discuss what the department likes and does not like and brainstorm ideas as to what can and cannot be done.  As they go over the truck, Engine 8 returns to quarters from a run.


After going over Ladder 4, the apparatus committee sits on the sun deck overlooking the aerial and discusses their ideas.  Bill records his information on his laptop and emails the information to the factory in Wisconsin for the development of blue prints.  There will be a few more meeting to go over the blue prints and make changes to the prints before construction of the aerial will start.


The last of the apparatus committee meetings concluded on March 6, 2013.  The final blue print drawing was approved and construction of the new aerial is expected to begin on March 8, 2013.

August 7, 2011 - The Lego® Twp Fire Department has officially opened a new firehouse on Westfield Avenue at the corner of Thunder Road.  The new station is a 3-bay, single story firehouse.  The firehouse was built to replace the former Route 35 firehouse, due to highway expansion.  The State has been very interested in obtaining the firehouse property in order to improve the interchange of Route 35 and Thunder Road.  The firehouse took 6 moths to build and is ready for occupancy.  There are some small details which need to be completed, but will not impede occupancy.  The Firefighter's Memorial has been relocated just a few feet from its former home.  In addition, A mini-pumper was purchased from Piece and will respond as part of the Haz-Mat team as a de-con engine.  Pictures of the new firehouse can been seen by visiting Station 6's page. 

August 7, 2010 - The Lego® Twp Fire Department has accepted delivery of a 2010 Pierce Saber rescue, assigned to Rescue Company No. 1.  Pics to follow.

July 13, 2009 - The Lego® Twp Fire Department has accepted delivery of a new Tower Ladder for Ladder Co. 2, a new 2009 Pierce Lance (the last Lance made for Lego®) for Engine 5 and a refurbished 1994 Pierce Dash for Reserve Engine 20.  Check out Station 2 for Tower Ladder 2, Station 5 for Engine 5 and the Station 3 for Engine 20.

October 14, 2008 - The new Engine 7 and Engine 11 have been placed in service.  Check Station 1 & 3 for pics. 

September 27, 2008 - The Lego® Twp. Fire Department has taken delivery of two new Pierce engines.  Engine 11 has been assigned a Pierce Quantum, a first for the department and the first Pierce Impel pumper to be delivered in the Lego® fire community.  The Impel will be assigned to Engine 7.  In addition, Engine 11 will sport real reflective striping and chevrons on the apparatus.  The new apparatus is expected to be placed in service next week.

July 27, 2008 -  The Lego® Twp. Fire Department has accepted delivery of a 2008 mini-pumper from Pierce.  The truck will be first due to incidents on the Boardwalk, due to the weight limits on the "Boards."  The mini-pumper will be designated as Squad 1 and will be stationed at Station 5, which is located near the section of the Boardwalk in the First Battalion.  Manpower from Engine 5 will roll the mini-pumper when called and will be supported by Engine 5 on all calls that it responds.  Pictures have been posted on Station 5's page.

July 17, 2008 - The Lego® Twp Fire Department has begun work on upgrading the radio system and the diaphones.  First off, Lego® Twp has modified their VHF license and added 2 new frequencies.  Rumors of switching to a trunked radio system or a digital system have turned out to be completely false.  The use of the 2 additional frequencies will be a third repeater channel for mutual aid companies operating in the Township.  Each firehouse will have tactical receivers, as well as a 35-watt 99 channel VHF base station.  The main fire repeater will be located at Fire Headquarters and the fireground repeater will be located at the Lego® Twp. Fire Academy.  In addition, each firehouse will have their diaphones reconditioned and a new piston installed for those with extreme wear.  The diaphones will be mounted higher in the air with the purchase of new towers, projecting the diaphone further, while moving the blasts further away from street level.  "New" used valves have been purchased and are being rebuilt.  New air compressors are in the process of being purchased for each diaphone.    Station 5 will be seeing their diaphone return in the near future. 

July 15, 2008 - The Lego® Twp Fire Department has hired 10 new firefighters, promoted 2 firefighters to the rank of Captain and hired 2 9-1-1 dispatchers.  Classes for the new recruits will begin August 1, 2008 at the Township Fire Academy.

May 2, 2008 - The Lego® Twp Fire Department has taken deliver of 4 Asbury Apparatus Chiefs SUV's.  Each SUV is painted to match the battalion that it is assigned to.  In addition, each SUV comes complete with Command Cabinet in the rear to hold all gear, radio equipment and Incident Command Information.  In addition, the Lego® Twp Fire Department has announced that selected apparatus will have modifications to add ladder racks.  One engine will go out of service to test the ladder rack installation.  If successful, additional apparatus will go out and receive the modification.  The process is expected to start this week.

April 6, 2008 - Today, we ride with "Box" from the Lego® Twp Fire Alarm Signal Division.  Box is the sole municipal fire alarm technician who maintains the system on a part-time basis.  When Box isn't working on the boxes, you can find him fighting fire for Lego® Twp. on Engine Co. 2.  "The boxes are still the best way to notify the fire department of a fire.  Cell service is spotty at time, especially in the lower areas of the township."  The system was initially part of the old towns that make up the current Lego® Twp.  The boxes were removed in one part of town due to the numerous false alarms.  Since the township was formed and reconstructed from the form of government down to the crossing guards, the boxes have been refurbished and returned to service. "We've been very aggressive with catching those who maliciously pull the boxes.   Now, the boxes are pulled more for fires than for malicious false alarms." 

Our first stop is the fire box at the corner of Florence & Poole Avenues, where a telegraph wire has been severed from the previous night's storm.  Here, Box surveys the damage to the wire and grabs his tools.  Below right, he has two wires in hand, one of which has a nico-press attached to it.


Below, left, Box starts attaching the two wires together.  Below right he calls to fire headquarters to reset the circuit.


Below left, Box checks the box and tests to make sure that the box is operational.  All is good with that box as we head out to the next stop.


Box brings a new cottage shell to replace the cottage shell damaged from an accident a few months back.  In the Background Engine 8 and Ladder 4 are responding to a call.


The new cottage shell is being mounted.  After mounting the box and its innards, fire headquarters is notified to reset the circuit and that the box is being tested to ensure that it is operational.


Our last trip of the day brings across the street to Station 8 to work on the diaphone.  Apparently, the diaphone was not sounding, but air was passing through.  So the diaphone is being replaced with a spare until the diaphone is fixed. 


On the ground level, Box returns the diaphone to the bucket truck and comes back with a spare.


The spare diaphone is brought up and tightened down to the piping.  After returning to the ground level, the air compressor is turned back on and two taps were sent out.  The diaphone successfully blasts out the two rounds.


After 6 hours of work, the fire alarm box system is that much healthier and reliable.  Below, Box poses in front of Box 242 with the bucket truck in the background.

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